The Zmidek, Suknik and Lament family connections

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The connection between the Suknik , Laments and Zmidek families is very strong and began with Moszek Zmidek (born 1831). His first marriage to Sora Sprinca bore five children. Dawid, the eldest child born 1859 is the forefather of the Zmidek branch to which I and all the members of the Zmidek Blog belong to. Dawid was followed by three sisters - Chaja Tabla, Mariem and Rajzla and then the youngest son Srul Chil.

1880 Sora Sprinca died. Moszek married Ita Laja Suknik (nee Dzura) who bore him a daughter Sura Ryfka in 1881.

1882 Chaja Tabla Zmidek married Borek Bakakarz / Lament (Chmielnik Records Akta 53) , aged 19 and 20 respectively.

Ita Laja Dzura had previously been married to Izrael Suknik. They had three sons Josek, Dawid and Wigdor.

1890 Rajzla Zmidek married Dawid Suknik

Miriem Zmidek married Josek Suknik

Thus the families were linked through three marriages, details of which can seen on the  Chmielnik page.

At some point towards the end of the 19th century the various branches of the family moved away from Chmielnik, first settling in Warsaw.

Testimony of Curtla (Cesia) Suknik
Daughter of Josek & Mariem (nee Zmidek) Suknik

In 1979 Cesia Rozenblum, nee Suknik, wrote a testimony of her life from her early years when she lived and grew up in Warsaw and later in Brussels where she married Naftali Rozenblum, gave birth to her son Charles, hid during the War in an apartment loaned to her by a fellow Communist activist, surviving the War until a year after her son's death in a diving accident.

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Naftali (Natan) Rozenblum
Cesia's husband

A member of the Communist Party in Poland, spending some years in prison for his political activities, moved to Belguim to be with his future wife, Cesia (Suknik). He continued with his political work in Belgium , under the watchful eye of the state security and during the War joined the resistance. He was denouced by a well known collaborator, deported to Auschwitz, then after a death march in the middle of winter died a few weeks after arriving at Buchenwald.

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Mayer Suknik & family: From 1897 to 1941
Mayer, son of Josek & Mariem (nee Zmidek) Suknik

Mayer was born in Warsaw in1897. Married to Cesia Lament, they had 3 children, Moszek, Yitzhak & Srul. After an unsuccessful attempt to get a work permit to stay Belgium where is brother Szyja had a business, he had no choice but to return to Poland. The whole family perished during the Nazi occupation of Poland.

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Yitzhak Sukenik
Second son of Mayer and Cesia (nee Lament) Suknik

, was born and grew up in Warsaw. He was a member of Hashomer Hatzair. During his time in the Warsaw Ghetto he joined the resistance movement and was recognised as a expert on arms and took part in the first resistance action of January 18th and the Uprising of April 19th 1943. He died trying to escape from Mila 18 on the same day as its destruction.

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Szymon & Henchla Ruchla Zmidek and family
Szymon: first cousin to Dawid, Chaja Tabla, Mariem, & Razla  Zmidek.

The Lodz ghetto

The family, including Szymon's mother, moved to Lodz from Chmielnik some time between 1912 & 1920.  Most of the family perished in the Lodz Ghetto during World War II.

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The Memoirs of Maurice Lament
Grandson of Berek and Chaja Tabla (nee Zmidek) Lament


Maurice Lament, son of Szmul and Chaja, wrote a memoir that covered the time from his early years growing up in Warsaw in the 1920s, through to the family's move to France, their struggle and survival during the Nazi occupation and their safe return to Paris after the War.

It is currently in the process of translation.



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