David and Sura Gitel Zmidek
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Sura Gitel Zmidek nee Waldberg

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Born: David Zmidek. Date calculated from Wedding Document and confirmed in the birth registrations of the 4 younger children.
~ 1857
according to Perla's (Polly's ) birth certificate.


Born: Sura Gitel:

~ 1856 according to her Headstone
~ 1858 according to Marriage Certificate below and Polly / Perla's birth certificate
~ 1861 according to the birth registrations of the 4 children (1891)
~ 1863 in (Russian) Poland according to the 1911 UK Census.

Maiden name: Sura Gitel WALDBERG.


Marriage of David and Sarah:

Translation of the Wedding Document

Took place in the town Khmelnik on the in the year one thousand eight hundred seventy nine at eleven o’clock in the morning.

The Rabbi of Khmelnik synagogue Leibus Epstein announces that in presence of witnesses Gershl Mendel Pakhol fifty nine years old and Motl Kassovsky sixty years old, both resided in the town Khmelnik, yesterday David Zmidek, twenty years old, a single man, the son of Moshka and Sore Szprinca nee Szterensis resided with parents in Khmelnik and Sura Gitel Waldberg, a girl, twenty one year old, daughter of  Eizyk and Tserla (Cyrla) nee Bulwa , resided with parents in Khmelnik have entered into a
religious marriage.

Three announcements had preceded  that marriage  in the Khmelnik’s sanctuary at eleven o’clock in the morning during the service, namely on the 3/15th*, 10th/22nd* and 17th of February/ 1st* of March of this year at eleven o’clock  in the morning on Sabbath days. 

Permission from the father of the woman had been performed orally. The newlyweds announced that they did not make any premarital terms.


15th / 27th July*: Dawid registers the birth of 4 children "residing temporarily as an unskilled laborer in the village of Firlej in the district of Wielogóra."

"The delay in registering this birth is due to the father’s fault, he did not present his marriage certificate"
(Quotes from the childrens Birth Registrations)

is the birth name of Annie / Helena
Gabryl is the birth name of Gabriel
Mirla is the birth name of Mary
Kelman Josek is the birth name of Coleman

The Birth Registration documents with translation can be found on their pages.

** The registration process took place in Radom. Firlej lies half way between Chmielnik and Warsaw.

Whilst the birth records say they were born in Chmielnik, according to the British Naturalization Papers of Coleman and Gabriel they were born and educated in Warsaw. There is further evidence from another member of the family to indicate that even though a person was born in Warsaw it was cheaper to register the children as being born in Chmielnik ( Testimony of Cesia Suknik daughter of Miriam Zmidek), in both these cases the parents being from Chmielnik.




Both of Sura-Gitel´s parents died on December 31st

Cyra Waldberg daughter of Dawid Bulwa and (?) died at the age 76

Ezyk Waldberg son of Joska and Dobra of Chmielnik died at the age of 74




 Emigrated to the UK with the children. Reference for this is the Naturalization Papers for Gabriel and Coleman  processed in 1920 specifically Question 11. How long have you been resident in this country ? Answer: About 18  years.


 September David dies.

It is now certain that Dawid died on the 23rd or 24th September 1908 and is buried in Edmonton Cemetry Block G Row 6 Grave 39, even though there are some anomolies in the records as shown below.

Cemetery & Federation of Synagogues Burial Society  Records

Folio 118
Ref No. B15


Grave at Edmonton Cemetery

Block G Row 6
Grave 39

Death Certificate

BMD Whitechapel Records
1c 177


David Smith

David Smith

Davis Smith

Davis Smith

Age at death





Date of death

24th September 1908

24th September 1908

23rd September 1908

3rd Quarter 1908

Address at death

32 Princes Street

32 Princess Street (book in cemetery).

32 Princes Square St. Georges

Named relative

Son of Moses

Jack Lindner - son in law, living at 32 Princes Square  (Annie’s / Helena’s husband), although they were not married until 1909 (BMD records)

Other information

Member of the Greenfield Street Synagogue

Mourned by …….  Daughters-in-law,  but Gabriel married 1912, Coleman married 1913

JCR-UK Records Ref: P18382  confirms age at death and location of burial site   

Profession - Cardbox maker

CR-UK Records Ref: P18382

Death certificate:

Record Book at Cemetery


Sarah Gitel at the Wedding of Annie and John Lindner

Census: Sara Aged 48, Widow. Married ~ 30 years
1921~ Address: 88, Osbaldeston Rd. Clapham Common, N.16. Living with her daughter Hinda and family.

Photo taken in either the house of Gabriel or Coleman  in  Cazenove Rd, London .
1928 - 1929

Standing (L to R): Jacob Smith( Srul Chil), Gabriel, Yanche (David Goldstein), Chuma (Esther) Goldstein (Yanche's wife), a visitor from Poland, Victor Salomon ( Polly's husband), Hyman Gerlis and Coleman.
Sitting (L to R): Rene Smith (nee Goldstein, wife of Jacob), Debbie Smith, Annie, Sarah Gitel, Polly, Mary, and Beatrice (Coleman's wife).

1929 Edmonton Jewish Cemetery Records

Translation of Hebrew on the Headstone:

Sarah Gitel
Daughter of Isaac Yitzhak
Died on the 7th of April
73 Years old




* Regarding dual, double dates: e.g. 15th / 27th July

As a result of the Russification process (after a few Polish independence movements) since 1868 all documents had to be written in the Russian language and the obligation to use the Julian calendar was imposed. Virtually all documents use both dates - the first date is according to the Julian calendar (used in Russia) and the second one is according to the Gregorian calendar (used in Poland before the partitions).
The second date is the "modern" one.

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