Perla / Polly Smith

Perla's birth registration 1882

~ 1882 Born: Name at birth Perla. Birth registration above from the Chmielnick Archives of BDM, microfilm 1808865 held at the London England FamilySearch Centre.


This happened in the city of Chmielnik on the twentieth of April (second of May) in the year one thousand eight hundred eighty two at nine o’clock in the morning. Dawid Szmidek appeared, a day laborer, twenty five years old, residing in the city of Chmielnik, in the presence of witnesses Herszel Mendel Pachol, sixty two years old, and Motel Kossowski, sixty three years old, both synagogue attendants residing in the city of Chmielnik; and he presented to us a female child, stating that she was born in the city of Chmielnik on the tenth (twenty second) of April in the current year, to his lawful wife Sura Gitel nče Waldberg, twenty four years old. This child was given the name Perla. This record was read to the declarant and witnesses, it was signed by us and them. Dawid Szmidek is illiterate in Russian.

signed: Hebrew signature
signed: Herszko Mendel Pachol
signed: Motel Kossowski
signed: Civil Registrar – signature illegible

Note: According to the above document Dawid was born ~ 1857 and Sura  ~ 1858

Polly's first husband had the surname Zederbaum.

1905 Polly marries Abraham Littman (Beatrice's father). FreeBMD

1920 Polly marries Victor Salomon. FreeBMD

1934 Polly marries Bernart Tessler / Teszler/ Tesler. FreeBDM

1967 Polly (Tessler) dies in Southend (Registered ol. 4A Page 978). Aged 84 record on FreeBMD