Abraham Isaac and Ester Littman


Born: 22 July Abram Icek
Lodz, house number 68.
(22nd March according to 1909 Memorial Document)
Born: Ester Joskowic (future wife)


Marriage: Abraham and Estera Joskowicz.
See the marriage document and translation below

1901 Census(see bottom of page)
Abraham, Ester and family.
Address -64 Middlesex Street, Whitechapel. Abraham - profession - Fancy Draper Shop - employer.
1905 Marriage: to Polly (nee Zmidek)

Naturalized UK citizen.
National Archives File No: 172301.
Note: This file contains documents from 1906 to 1928, that includes memorials and requests for evidence of naturalization by Joseph.


Abraham died (Side note on 172301 Document)

Abram and Ester´s Marriage Certificate



Akta 31. This happened in the city of Łódź in the year 1883 on the twenty fourth of February / eighth of March at ten o’clock in the morning.

Eliasz Majzel appeared, the local Rabbi, in the presence of Beniamin Marlus [?], sixty three years old, and Berek [last name illegible], forty six years old, a local merchant, not related to the newlyweds; and they announced that in Łódź before them yesterday at seven o’clock in the afternoon a religious marriage was contracted between Abram Icek Litman, a bachelor, twenty three years old, born in the city of Łódź, a son of Fiszel and Mirla nèe Lutomirska married couple the Litmans, he resides in the city of Łódź and is a butcher [?]; and between Estera Joskowicz, a maiden, twenty three years old, born in the city of Łódź, a daughter of Abram and Judessa nèe Lewkowicz married couple the Joskowiczes, she resides in Łódź with her parents.

This marriage was preceded by three readings of the banns in the Łódź Jewish synagogue on the eighteenth / thirtieth of December, the twenty fifth of December / sixth of January, and the first / thirteenth of January.

The newlyweds announce that they have made no prenuptial agreement. Then this record was read and signed by Us and the witnesses. The newlyweds announced that they are unable to write. [signatures]

Document from the Lodz Archives listing the Litman family living at House number 68

Place of birth of Birth
1901 Census Page 1
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File: 172301
1906 /7 (?)
Memorial of Abraham Isaac

National Archives File No: 172301
Age & war record of sons 1917

Other information
Address     64 Middlesex Street,
64 Middlesex Street,
Abraham Lodz 43 49      
Ester Wife No. 1 Lodz 40     -  
Polly Wife No. 2 Lodz     30 (married 6 years) -  
Morris Lodz 15 20 24 28. Total Exemption. Eyesight  
Jack Lodz 14 19 22 27. Attested waiting to be called up  
Joseph Lodz 12 18 21 26. Passed for service. Exempt till 20th April 1917  
Hyman Lodz 10 16 20 24. 1st Lieutenant. 2nd Batt. Essex Regiment  
Beatrice Lodz 9 15 19 -  
Solomon Lodz 7 13 18 21. Killed in action  
Mod. / Mark Lodz 3 9 14 17. Serving in Egypt.  
Sam England   8 11

16. Enlisted. Discharged on account of age.

Jess(e)y England     3 (daughter of Polly) -